The Worst Meals To Eat Earlier than Flying


Consuming on a aircraft was widespread observe. However within the age of COVID-19, many passengers are understandably much less inclined to take away their masks to take a mid-flight chunk ― or to actually have a snack on the airport.

Because of this, it’s extra widespread to eat at dwelling earlier than embarking on a flight. These with longer journey journeys could even eat a big meal to hold them by the day. Nonetheless, not all preflight eats are created equal.

Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, a registered dietitian primarily based in New York Metropolis, mentioned it’s value contemplating your general well being as you prep for journey, together with what you eat and drink.

“Immune methods are examined, digestive methods are thrown off and hydration takes a success,” Beckerman mentioned. “That’s why it’s so essential to eat meals that may hold your immune system robust, hold you hydrated and are simply digested earlier than flying.”

So, which meals are finest prevented on a day while you’re touring by aircraft? Beneath, Beckerman and different vitamin specialists share the worst issues to eat and drink earlier than flying.

Excessive-Sodium Meals

“It’s tremendous widespread for dehydration to set in when flying, because of the dearth of humidity and dry air within the cabin,” Beckerman mentioned. “That’s why it’s not the neatest to have a sodium-laden meal the day earlier than or morning of your flight.”

Beckerman suggested going simple on the salt shaker, choosing snacks with out added salt and consuming extra recent meals to keep away from dehydration-related complications, constipation and fatigue.

“Typically, due to stress shifts, some individuals retain water throughout a flight, so one thing overly processed or too excessive in sodium would possibly exacerbate this concern,” mentioned Vanessa Rissetto, a registered dietitian in New Jersey and co-founder of Culina Well being. “Greatest to remain hydrated, attempt some electrolyte tabs or coconut water to assist with hydrations and check out complete meals like veggies and fruit, or lean protein that will help you really feel your finest.”

Carbonated Drinks

“As a result of flying could trigger some people to really feel bloated or additional gassy, because of the adjustments in cabin stress, it’s smart to keep away from something with carbonation beforehand, like seltzers, sodas or kombucha,” Beckerman mentioned.

She famous that these bubbly drinks can worsen digestive air pockets, inflicting you to really feel “additional belchy, bloated or gassy” throughout your flight.

“By steering away from them, you possibly can hold additional air and bubbles to a minimal in your digestive system,” Beckerman mentioned.

Jonathan Valdez, proprietor of Genki Nutrition and media spokesperson for the New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, provided comparable recommendation. He famous that carbonated drinks can increase inside your GI tract and result in extra disagreeable bloating in case you are already gassy.

“Nevertheless, if you happen to’re feeling nauseous due to movement illness or turbulence, carbonated drinks could be useful,” Valdez added. “You need to weigh the professionals and cons.”

You might want to reconsider drinking alcohol before or during your flight.

Alexander Spatari through Getty Photographs

You would possibly wish to rethink ingesting alcohol earlier than or throughout your flight.


“Alcohol consumption tends to trigger dehydration and has a unique impact on the physique than if you happen to have been to have a drink at floor degree as a result of low barometric stress within the cabin and the low oxygen focus in blood,” Valdez mentioned. “Subsequently you usually tend to get inebriated quicker and urinate continuously.”

Past private well being and luxury, shedding the alcohol will help foster a secure airplane atmosphere. Sara Nelson, president of the Affiliation of Flight Attendants-CWA, beforehand advised HuffPost that lots of the most outrageous incidents of flight attendant abuse “embrace alcohol as a contributing issue.”

Gassy Meals

“Sure meals comparable to onions, asparagus, beans, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts can contribute to intestinal gasoline and bloating as a result of we do not need the required enzymes to digest sure carbohydrates often called FODMAPs present in these meals,” Valdez mentioned.

“This, together with a gasoline enlargement that occurs inside your abdomen and intestines throughout flight elevation, can result in uncomfortable gasoline and flatulence,” he added.

Certainly, Everyone knows beans are likely to make you gassy, however cruciferous greens like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and kale are likely to take longer for the physique to digest, which can also result in bloating and gasoline. So, chances are you’ll wish to stick with veggies like spinach or zucchini on flight days.


“A cup of joe can go away you dehydrated in an already dry atmosphere,” Valdez mentioned, including that espresso additionally has a light diuretic impact, which might result in extra frequent journeys to the lavatory.

Past the dehydrating results, caffeine also can hold you awake throughout a flight, which is commonly a possibility to atone for sleep. The necessity for extra frequent toilet visits also can intrude along with your skill to doze throughout your travels.

Over-Processed Snacks

In case you have a delicate abdomen, you would possibly wish to avoid meals that may mess along with your digestion. That features extremely processed snacks like sweet and quick meals, which frequently include elements that might unsettle your digestive system.

“In the event you’re a nervous flyer who experiences GI disturbances whereas on a flight, I’d remember to avoid issues which can be over-processed,” Rissetto mentioned. “Possibly some toast and avocado for fullness, or a small piece of fruit that will assist for me to really feel full however not upset my abdomen.”

Principally, if you happen to’re hoping to cut back your threat of any bodily discomfort, attempt to hold it easy along with your flight day eats.

As Valdez mentioned: “A balanced meal that satisfies your thirst with water and hydrating fruits incorporates average quantities of complicated carbohydrates and lean protein, and low in added sugars and sodium is right.”

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