A Man Made Diamond That’s Worth More Than Gold


Diamonds have been thought of as a symbol of love and the perfect gift for many years. But there are now some new facts that may change your perspective. Did you know that diamonds were once considered a man made stone just like copper? Perhaps that’s why you should start paying more attention to this precious gem. Here, we’ll discuss what makes diamond such an amazing gem, how it’s made, and its impressive value in the market today.

What makes diamond so special?

It’s not just their sparkle and fire, it’s the fact that they’re remarkably hard. Diamonds have a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale. That means that diamond is harder than any other natural material on Earth aside from a few minerals like corundum and cubic boron nitride (which has a hardness of 9).

This makes diamond one of the hardest materials in nature, which gives you one less thing to worry about in your daily life. It also makes them valuable because they can’t be scratched or broken easily; so diamonds are rare.

How man made diamonds are made

Man made diamonds in Melbourne are made of carbon and hydrogen, as is every other diamond. These two elements create the perfect mix to form diamond crystals.

The process for making man made diamonds starts by creating a controlled environment for the carbon-hydrogen mixture to grow in size. This is done by using an outside source of heat, like the sun or from burning coal. Then, when the mixture has grown large enough, it’s put into a mold that will create a shape like a gemstone. The final step is cutting this gemstone into smaller pieces that can be used as jewelry or sold in stores.

The value of a lab grown diamond

Diamonds are classified as a man made stone. They are created when carbon gets subjected to extreme pressure and heat over the course of millions of years. It’s not always easy to grow diamonds in a lab because they have been created by nature, which means they are not always predictable like other stones.

The value of a lab grown diamonds UK is quite high. They can cost anywhere from $5,000 to up to $100,000 per carat (1/5 of an ounce). This price is much higher than many other precious stones, such as emeralds or rubies that sell at about $300 per carat. But unlike those other stones, diamonds can be used for jewelry or in industrial settings like electrical wiring applications. The properties and chemical make-up of diamonds allow them to be even more versatile than other gems because they don’t lose their luster or color despite being exposed to intense light or heat.


The value of a diamond is in its rarity, as diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth. But that rarity also makes it a commodity that can be mass produced. So, why not make your own diamond and profit from the increase in price?

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