7 Alternatives for a Traditional Spring Break



Spring break is an unavoidable event for most college students. Spring break is the perfect time to get out and explore.

For many students, however, the lure of expensive resort packages and overcrowded tourist spots is not appealing. Whether you’re trying to save money or just to get off the beaten path, here are some alternatives to a traditional spring break.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

If you’re trying to save money and want a different spring break experience, go camping. Camping is generally less inexpensive – as long as you prepare accordingly.

Decide what type of camping experience is best for you. Are you looking to camp in a nearby state park or somewhere like Yosemite and Grand Tetons?

The type of gear you require will depend on where you live. If you don’t have any camping equipment, choose a place that won’t require special gear.

You can rent camping gear from outdoor equipment shops instead of purchasing it. You can rent tents, packs, and other gear from outdoor equipment stores without spending a lot. GearTrade and REI offer gently used equipment for those who plan on camping often.

Renting a cabin in the foothills or mountains is an option if you love camping but don’t want to be too wild. Make sure to pick a spot that’s easy to get to over spring break, as some places may have snowy winding roads that can be difficult to navigate during certain times of the year.

Pick Unusual Locales

The laws of supply and demand apply to just about everything – including spring break trips. If you choose somewhere popular, you’ll likely pay more than if you chose somewhere off the beaten path. You’ll also be stuck with large hordes of people, which will make it harder to enjoy your trip.

A spring break to Denver, St. Louis, or Philadelphia will result in smaller crowds and lower prices. Costa Rica or Puerto Rico is a better choice if you are looking for an exotic vacation. Savannah and Charleston are great options for those who love Southern history. You will love living in a trendy city like Asheville.

When imagining your dream spring break trip, really consider what kind of trip you’re looking for. Do you desire a region rich in history? Do you desire a different place than your current home? Are you looking for a city that has a lot of ethnic restaurants and live music?

Use travel sites like Google Flights, Hopper or Scott’s Cheap Flights to get ideas on where to travel based on inexpensive flight ideas.

Take a trip somewhere cold

Spring break is a popular time to travel. But if you don’t mind the cold, try going somewhere that isn’t warm. It may be cheaper to visit New York City in March than Miami. Avoid cities like Boston and Chicago that are too cold in winter.

Make sure you choose a city with plenty of indoor activities such as museums, art galleries, restaurants, and other entertainment. That way, you’ll still have a memorable vacation.

Utilize Your Network

If you’re planning a spring break trip with friends, make a list of places you’d like to visit where you can crash for free. Is there a cabin in the family? Is there a sibling who has an apartment in a great city?

You can make a list and ask people to let you stay. You should be respectful and polite if you do decide to take this route. Treat the home well and bring a host gift or buy them dinner when you’re there.

Social Media: Ideas for Inspiration

Social media is an excellent resource when it comes finding alternative spring break options. You can start by following hashtags such #midwestvacation, or #springbreakideas. Scroll down to see more ideas and click on the posts you like.

You can also use hashtags such as #travelblog and #traveblogger to find travel bloggers. Make a special folder in Instagram with photos that you can share with your friends.

Go on a Road Trip

Spring break can be fun in one city, but traveling around the country can be just as enjoyable. Look up road trip routes starting in your city on Google to find out what you can find. You can return home the same route or choose an alternate route to explore different areas.

You should mark all possible attractions before you go. Also, research the best places for stopping. If you’re on a strict budget, you can opt for Airbnb or hotels to stay at before your departure. But if you prefer being spontaneous, use apps like HotelTonight to find great deals while you’re on the road.

Be Yourself

Most people envision a spring break trip with friends, making memories that you’ll have together forever. But if you’re an introvert or don’t want to follow your friends on a pricey spring break trip, consider traveling by yourself.

You may have to plan ahead to find the least expensive accommodations, but it’s totally possible to have a budget-friendly spring break trip on your own. You can find a hostel to stay in or a room in someone’s house to drive the cost down even more.

Plan Now

You should plan ahead, no matter where you choose to take spring break. Even in quieter cities, you may need to make reservations for Airbnb or hotel rooms a few weeks ahead of your spring break.

It is also a good idea to plan ahead. It is important to determine how much you can afford and what your travel expenses will be. Knowing your budget in advance will narrow down the options and ensure you don’t go into debt just to fund a vacation.

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