Top countries for leisure with prostitutes

Sex tours have long ceased to be something unusual or forbidden - almost every travel agency has an unofficial price list with trips to countries with available intimate entertainment. And although this type of vacation is not openly talked about, every man dreams of spending a vacation in another country, where he will have the company of a pretty and skillful individualist. But there are destinations that travelers stand out - here call girls provide professional intimate services at a reasonable price.


Germany is a sample of European quality

According to preliminary data more than 1.2 million people in Germany ask for sex services daily and this brings to the state annual profit of 12-15 billion euros. And all thanks to the fact that pragmatic Germans have realized futility of struggle against sex industry and in 2002 the government took the problem industry under control. Local prostitutes now enjoy a full package of rights and freedoms, including pensions, insurance, and social benefits. And the prostitutes' own union allows them to vigorously defend their rights and seek justice in controversial situations.

It is possible to rent a girlfriend in every German city, but in the large centers there are professional brothels, theme establishments, and self-employed prostitutes. But the most deserving tourists attention are multifunctional intimate complexes, where one building can be equipped with a bar, movie theater, sauna and spa, restaurant, entertainment rooms and private rooms for seclusion with the girls you like.

Mexico - Latin Cradle of Debauchery

In Mexico, prostitution is also legal, but the government does not yet control the industry at the proper level. Nevertheless, here it is possible to rent a burning latina as for 20, and for 200 dollars per hour. And the topmost prostitutes get acquainted with wealthy customers through escort agencies or in a special elite category at online sites like Pander.

Interestingly, the Mexican prostitutes are valued for strong convex buttocks - the bulkier they are, the more popular and more expensive the girl. Accordingly, if the customer does not care about this parameter, he can find a well-groomed, healthy and skillful beauty with an ordinary buttocks at an affordable price. But experts advise foreigners to be more careful in choosing a partner, because of the high crime rate in Mexico. It is not recommended to look for prostitutes in the dark streets of the suburbs, as well as to bring unfamiliar girlfriends to your room, because theft and robbery are common here.

Ukraine - affordable beauties at a budget price

Unlike the previous countries, Ukraine has not decided yet to legalize sexual services business, though similar talks have been held in the government for more than 10 years. After all, both clients and prostitutes are willing to interact legally, which guarantees safety and protection for both sides of the process, as well as reducing the spread of STDs. Nevertheless the penalty for prostitution in Ukraine (source) is so low that girls get acquainted even on the streets and through internet prostitutes of Kiev or any other city can be ordered as easy as a pizza.

The minimum price for a reliable hooker starts at $20, but there are professional sex workers in the country, who are many times more expensive, because they offer atypical entertainment and professional escort services. Due to such variety and accessibility of intimate services Ukraine has become the favorite destination for sex-tourism of young people not only from Europe but also from Arab and Asian countries. After all, Slavic appearance and hot temperament are a rare highlight for clients, unavailable in their native region.