Rapper Drake bets bitcoin in the Super Bowl

Since the start of his career, Canadian rapper Drake has sold nearly two million records in the US alone. The musician has been known as a staunch supporter of digital currencies for some time, and he should definitely have the funds to buy digital currencies on a large scale. The rap star demonstrated this spectacularly at the Super Bowl when Drake made a bet of 600,000 Canadian dollars.

As usual, the media found vivid descriptions of the impressive bet: "Drake goes all in" is just one of the headlines that have appeared in the American media and thus refer to the world of poker. Drake himself announced his bet on the social network Instagram. A certified lover posts a screenshot of their bet.
At the same time, he put on a pair of gloves from luxury brand Chrome Hearts, given to him by none other than Odell Beckham Jr., a wide receiver on the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Finals team. So it's not surprising that Drake bet on a team from the US metropolis to win, he could also bet on https://bitcoinbookies.net/, but there is no information yet why he did not.

Drake proves he has the right nose

The musician and "OBJ", as the footballer is also called by fans, have been friends for a long time. Odell Beckham Jr. and Drake often refer to each other as brothers. Together they are not only welcome guests in trendy clubs. OBJ even landed a role in the rapper's "Laugh Now, Cry Later" music video in 2020. The athlete also posted a comment under Drake's betting post on Instagram.

He made it clear that he was playing to win. It's time for his team to win. For the musician, betting on Super Bowl LVI was a clear commitment to the club. Therefore, in his Instagram post, he said that "all stakes remain in the family." His intuition proved that the musician was right. Because the three-time Super Bowl finalist Cincinnati Bengals ended up losing to the Los Angeles Rams 20-23. But even if Drake had been poorer by the equivalent of $1.3 million due to the wrong tip, the musician accustomed to success could probably handle the loss well.

Musician uses bitcoin for sports betting

In any case, another aspect is more interesting than the outcome of the game. Drake didn't just present proof of his bet to his Instagram followers. He also clarified once again that he is a fan of digital currencies. He made a bet in bitcoins. If the rapper were right, according to the mobile betting platform Stake, at least CAD 2.9 million would have to be paid out at the time of the placement, also in bitcoin, of course.

Since the beginning of the year, Drake has been reluctant to report bets, concentrating more on his family life. Records of his collaboration with the sporting goods and clothing manufacturer Nike under the name "NOCTA" have also been the subject of previous publications. In addition, the musician's name has repeatedly appeared in connection with reports of his colleagues Kanye West and Rihanna.

His biggest bet so far - at least as posted on Instagram - was actually one bet out of three different bets. A football fan bet 500,000 Canadian dollars on the actual victory of the Rams over the Bengals. Also included in the rapper's battery was that Beckham would get a chance and score a touchdown during the game.

The same cost to the musician and the fact that his friend during the game overcame at least 62.5 yards. Beckham commented on this leap of faith when the media asked him, "I have to help him." However, it is more important for him to hold the coveted trophy in his hands after the game and be able to say "we did it."
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