Is online sports betting legal in Germany?

Everyone, of course, knows that all you have to do is turn on your computer and you can become your own lucky farrier . However, there are big differences between sports betting and online gambling opportunities. You should further consider the different possibilities of legal basic conditions. And it doesn't have to always be a federal law and it can also be regulated at the state level. Nevertheless, we don't want to go through the basic law course here, but just look at the surfaces under which you can bet on sports in Germany.

Different types of gambling

As is customary in Germany, or as one would actually assume, there are very clear dividing lines here too. It is regulated by law in such a way that there are different types of gambling. These types are also subdivided very precisely, so that very specific types are possible. These are casinos, betting shops and related games.

The largest casino in the country is the casino in Dortmund. It offers several different table games, poker tables and a variety of slot and video poker machines. What seems so simple on the outside, however, has at its root a big problem. For this reason, the problem is also very readily referred to as the gambling problem in Germany. Lawmakers are beginning to realise that their own bets on stricter gambling regulations are not paying off. When slot machines are closed, players increasingly turn to the grey market or illegal sites. For this reason, the topic here is dealt with very carefully. But there is a good way out of this situation is online casinos in Germany and can help you with that.

The state gambling treaty

Earlier this year, all 16 federal states adopted a new State Treaty on Gambling. The sad news is that this is essentially an improved version of the gambling law passed a few years ago. So you can see that countries basically have a very strong influence on what is actually decided. In principle, however, this more accurately answers the original question. For it was this State Treaty on Gambling that enshrined that there were no other laws for sports betting. So you can also implicitly deduce from this that as an operator in other EU member states you can also bet. There are also no barriers because of freedom of movement in the EU. 

However, there are questions here too, not so simple, but which can be answered directly through EU law.

However, the intentions of the federal government are mostly clear. The attempt here is simply to create its own, more liberal gambling law, which also allows gambling operators to request licences. This should also apply to most gambling, and so the sports sector has also been strongly integrated. From this point of view, you might also assume that sports betting is also included in this area. In Germany, however, this area is quite clearly regulated.


Critics are not shy in their expressions and call it fake gaming.

Whatever it is, it doesn't matter here either. But far more important is how you deal with it. Because accepting such a strange double standard forever won't work either. So many of the problems that can arise from this become obvious and the fact that there naturally can be no sustainable progress. Because, on the one hand, a situation has developed where gambling in one form or another is illegal in Germany, and on the other hand, one has to face the problems of the internet in any case. Online gambling is illegal in Germany, and hundreds of gambling halls have been closed since stricter regulations came into force last summer. But the state lottery monopoly remains intact and brings in a large amount of tax revenue to the state each year. During the whole debate, such topics are usually not discussed at all. Most people discuss bans very superficially, but of course they also think about taxes. Nevertheless, this aspect also remains important here, because very different manoeuvres can be achieved in sum. In the public eye, however, this area is largely excluded from discussion. Only if it proves to serve a purpose will the area of taxation also be included in the discussion.