How to pay for vacation with cryptocurrency

The world of online payments has been completely rewritten with the advent of so-called cryptocurrencies. This is an unprecedented and unusual type of payment that allows you to make very fast transactions without giving up complete privacy and security during the payment phase.

The world of cryptocurrencies is complex

The world of cryptocurrencies is complex, but thanks to their high efficiency it is growing rapidly in many sectors. For example, cryptocurrencies are especially popular with online casino players, who, as already mentioned, can have fun without thinking about their safety and the security of their data. An example of a casino that accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment method is

Today, however, there are different uses for cryptocurrencies. They can be used for bank trading, for online games, as well as for buying vacations. In fact, whether between the canals of Amsterdam or in the heart of Spanish Barcelona or Madrid, cryptocurrencies can now be used for luxury holidays abroad.

The first international company to adopt this form of payment was Pavillion Hotels & Resorts, which has numerous offices around the world. This is a truly luxurious offering that transports tourists to an elegant setting, perfectly integrated with the environment, without sacrificing beauty and five-star comfort. The rooms are true royal apartments with private pools, villas with sea views or rooms with a modern and charming design. During the holiday, the client can always pay with cryptocurrency, which makes the special offer even more exclusive. Online Gambling: Cryptocurrency Gambling Is Coming, read about this and much more by clicking on this website.

This is obviously a novelty, first introduced by this distinguished Asian hotel chain with many branches in Europe. Accepted e-currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum and 40 other virtual currencies worldwide. The Pavillion Group is the first hotel chain to accept this type of payment and has been able to do so ever since in cooperation with the English CoinDirect. It is a world-class company, one of the world's leading cryptographic payment gateways, capable of providing simple, convenient and secure support for making virtual currency transactions from anywhere in the world.

Gordon Oldham, founder and owner of The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts, stated that:

"This will enable our guests to have a more relaxed and personalized experience." Again, the cryptocurrency can be used by guests to book vacation spots, from local cuisine to excursions. In addition, wealthier clients will also be able to purchase properties for sale at Phuket and Niseko residences.

Planned destinations include Bali, Palawan or Krabi, all of which offer customers the option to pay with cryptocurrencies. In Rome we have The First Arte, a boutique hotel two minutes walk from Piazza del Popolo, The First Dolce right on Via del Corso and the new The First Aqua, which will open soon.