Food awakening male passion and strengthening erection

Given the modern rhythm of life and workload, we spend very little time with our beauties. But when, finally, the time comes for rest and pleasure, we must be physically ready. This is where certain foods can come in handy.
If you're struggling with diminished desire, it might be time to change your eating habits and include some special foods in your daily menu!


Even the ancient Romans considered oysters a real food for this business. According to legend, the great seducer of Casanova ate 50 raw oysters for breakfast alone! Studies have shown that they are rich in zinc, a mineral that helps the body produce testosterone. This hormone is critical for regulating desire in men and women and promotes seminal production.


Experts recommend drinking coffee, which can be of great benefit to men in the fight against weakened resiliency when it comes to anxiety about upcoming intimacy. Stress and tension can leave a mark on the male psyche and are thus important deterrents to desired activity. Coffee relieves tension, eliminates stress and allows you to "focus on work."


Quality performance requires energy and a healthy desire, and this is exactly what an avocado can provide. This fruit is a real storehouse of minerals, monounsaturated fats (healthy fatty acids that protect the heart from disease and lower cholesterol levels) and vitamin B6.


It is rich in vitamin E , which stimulates the production of hormones necessary for an active life under the covers. Supports the desired level of desire and mood. Its ability to cause a feeling of euphoria provokes an increased craving for a woman.


The yellow fruit with a hint contains bromelain, an enzyme that increases male desire for the body of his companion. Bananas can also help those who shoot back quickly because potassium and riboflavin increase energy levels and stamina.

Brazilian walnuts.

Specific nutrients are needed for better seed production substances, and, according to some experts, this case is headed by selenium. They recommend buying full brazil nuts, which are enough to eat two to three times a day.

Oat products.

Cholesterol leads to blockage of arteries, including in the majestic organ . Since it can contain up to ten times more blood in working order than in non-working condition, it is important that the arteries are patent. To keep them that way, eat as much oats and bran as possible. If you are prone to inflammation of the prostate, eat rye bread and other whole grains and seeds.

Complex B.

Complex B is actually the name of a combination of compounds (vitamins, thiamine , riboflavin and niacin). Niacin helps dilate blood vessels, improving heart function. It also stimulates the production of testosterone. To gain strength, eat plenty of legumes, asparagus, bananas, raw walnuts, and boldly consume vitamin preparations.


Despite the fact that vitamin preparations are useful, zinc is still the best remedy for the persistence of the male cucumber! Studies have shown that during the climax of the pleasurable process, a man loses up to five milligrams of zinc. To replenish it, eat oysters. If you don't really like shellfish or don't have them for some reason, you can always get zinc in tablet form. She is in good moral condition. Stress is the biggest enemy of desire and passion, so leave the thought of work for a while and enjoy the pleasure! Sports betting in India only on rajbet ! Register and get a bonus on your first deposit