Champions RB Leipzig: what are the odds for 21/22?

Does RB Leipzig have championship ambitions? Of course, every club in the Bundesliga dreams of winning the title. The Red Bulls are no exception. But according to the bookmakers, the Leipzigers are currently only the third force in German football. We explain why RB Leipzig can still dream of the cup.

Last season (20/21), the Bulls finished second in the table. Before that (19/20) it was enough for the third place. Also in 18/19, lawn ball athletes finished in third place. In addition, the sixth (17/18) and second (16/17) places were revealed. This has always been enough for international competition - since joining the league. Most of the Bulls even made it to the Champions League. Will it be enough for a big hit this year? Will RB Leipzig become champions?

RB Leipzig as German champion: odds and odds

According to who place bets in cryptocurrency, there are actually only three serious answers to the question of who will win the German championship in the 2021/22 season. Namely, these are Bayern Munich (1.20), Borussia Dortmund (7.00) and RB Leipzig (11.00). After all. The police are participating in a prank. However, fourth place in this round is a big margin. This is Borussia Mönchengladbach (67.00). The coefficients can be converted to percentages by dividing the number by one and then multiplying by 100.

So we get an 83.33 percent chance at Bayern. Dortmund has a 14.29% chance. And the fact that RB Leipzig will become the champion, bookmakers see with a probability of 9.09 percent. But is the real chance so small? Probably the biggest loss for Leipzig is manager Julian Nagelsmann. Upamecano (Bayern) and Conate (Liverpool) have also changed. But with the players, we have the impression that RB Leipzig always has a suitable replacement. Goalkeeper Gulachi could have been saved. And in the storm came Silva, a first-class player from Frankfurt. In the meantime, Hansi Flick has called up three new national players for the DFB selection, read more about it by going to this source.

Leipzig's chances of becoming a master: look at the competition

To give RB Leipzig a chance at a championship, a direct comparison with the Munich team cannot be avoided. The Bayern cup match had to be postponed. The preparations did not go according to plan. This is 0:3 against Naples, 0:2 against Gladbach, 2:2 against Ajax Amsterdam and 2:3 against Cologne. Right now in! Nagelsmann still has some work to do if he wants to bring his style of play to Munich. The defense seems thin after the departure of Alaba and Boateng despite Upamecano. And the offensive flanks would also benefit from high-quality reinforcements. But Bayern only want to be active in the transfer market if the player leaves early. Maybe Tolisso?

Aren't Borussia Dortmund more of a championship contender if the Munich team is out of shape? In fact, Erling Haaland alone is an argument in favor of this. But as a new coach, Marco Rose is under special supervision - including from the stands. Namely, from his predecessor Terzic. It hangs like a sword of Damocles over Rose's head. Defensive injury concerns make the start of the season difficult. And the departure of Sancho is also manageable.


It remains to be seen whether Dortmund and Bayern will be better than last season. We have a feeling - rather not! Another reason not to rule out the championship celebration of RB Leipzig 21/22.