Get Carpenter Bees Out of Your Yard With out Killing Them


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Bees could also be small in dimension, however they play a serious position in ecosystems, pollinating timber, flowers, and different crops. However one kind of bee does greater than pollinate: the carpenter bee.

In contrast to bumblebees or honeybees, carpenter bees don’t stay in colonies. As a substitute, they tunnel into wooden, making a nest (which seems to be like a small, spherical gap) to put their eggs, in line with Dr. Michael F. Potter, an entomologist on the University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment.

And generally, the wooden they choose for his or her nest occurs to be a part of people’ houses. In the event you’ve found that carpenter bees have made themselves at residence in your house, you could need to encourage them to nest elsewhere—with out harming them, and, in flip, the native ecosystem. Right here’s how to try this.

What to learn about carpenter bees

Carpenter bees are large and black, and look a lot like bumblebees. The distinction is that carpenter bees often have a shiny, hairless stomach, whereas bumblebees sometimes have a furry stomach with black and yellow stripes.

In the case of discovering a spot to nest, carpenter bees gravitate in the direction of unpainted, weathered wooden—notably softer varieties, like redwood, cedar, cypress, and pine, Potter notes. So once they resolve to maneuver into your own home, they like spots like eaves, rafters, fascia boards, siding, picket shake roofs, decks, and out of doors furnishings.

And whereas carpenter bees often don’t do as a lot injury as termites, they’ll trigger each beauty and structural injury, Potter explains:

Feminine carpenter bees excavate new tunnels in wooden for egg laying, or enlarge and reuse outdated ones. Important injury can happen when the identical items of wooden are infested yr after yr. Holes within the wooden floor additionally facilitate moisture intrusion, rot and decay.

For probably the most half, carpenter bees will not be followers of painted wooden. So portray any unfinished wooden surfaces on your own home can stop them from creating nests within the first place.

safely do away with carpenter bees

If carpenter bees have already made your own home their residence, there are just a few methods to encourage them to maneuver alongside, with out harming the little pollinators. Listed below are just a few featured in an article by Julia Rittenberg in Popular Science:

  1. Apply a drop of almond or citrus oil inside carpenter bees’ nest holes, Nick Hoefly, a beekeeper at Astor Apiaries in Queens, New York informed Fashionable Science. They’re not followers of these scents, and can in all probability need to transfer alongside and discover someplace else to nest. As soon as they’ve moved out, fill within the holes with wooden putty or metal wool.
  2. Dangle up some wind chimes. In accordance with Hoefly, carpenter bees hate the sound of them, so the fixed racket may drive them away.
  3. Depart some items of weathered, unfinished wooden that you just now not want out within the open—however far sufficient away from your home—to supply the carpenter bees with different housing.
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