It’s an interesting time that we live in.

Today on The Conservative Cartel Radio Program I spoke about the NFL and banning players from kneeling during the National Anthem. The NFL owners voted unanimously that all players will stand during the anthem. The I’m offended by everything crowd found this to be disturbing, hurtful and offensive. The question you have to ask is why?

I want you to head to your place of employment today and protest for your favorite cause. What do you think your employer is going to say to you? Please keep wasting my time that I pay you for to protest your cause? I love the fact that you feel strongly about your convictions, please continue and disregard the work I need you to perform? I know this sounds like something that would be fair to say. Why does the left feel that this is ok? Actually, the question in this case should be, why do Democrats hate America?

We live in a day and time where a certain segment of people believe they are entitled to do whatever they want. It doesn’t matter if it’s on someone else’s time, or if it cost someone else money. The greedy one percent already have plenty of money and they should be taken advantage of because they aren’t paying these offended people enough to begin with. This is the mindset of the liberal left.

Now let’s look at this NFL protest head on. We have Minority millionaires protesting inequality by protesting the very people that make it possible for them to earn their living. The men and women of the arm forces keep us all safe and make America a force not to be messed with in the real world. Liberals go to sleep at night safe under the protection from these brave individuals. These athletes, who are minorities for the most part, are making millions of dollars a year to play a game. They have decided that they will take the platform that they don’t own and use it for their own social justice warrior cause. These very players are now upset that the people paying them are tired of their antics and those very antics have caused the owners to lose money.

If you don’t like the conditions of your work environment you should look for a different job. It’s called choice. You have the choice to work at the job you have. Your owner has the choice of letting you keep your job or letting you go. You, the employee, don’t get to make the choice for your employer. If you want to make the decisions you should go start your own business and be the boss. This has never been a problem until now.

Marc Lamont Hill took to Twitter and had this to say about the protest. “Standing in the locker room where no one can see you is not protest. It’s erasure. The players cannot accept this.”

That’s the point Einstein. The owners are tired of knuckleheads like you trying to drive their business into the ground. The players should not accept this. They should quit. Who could bare making millions of dollars for playing a game and why should they have to follow anyone else’s rules? What a jackass and dare I say racist. Why is this even an issue? It’s because racist like Marc Lamont Hill who push this narrative that society somehow owes minorities something is a joke. I’m so tired of watching these overpaid babies tell society that they should be able to live by different rules.

The NFL is hemorrhaging money. Americans from all walks of life are not amused by overpaid babies protesting inequality during the National Anthem that honors our heroes. If you want to protest do it on your own time and with your own money. Americans don’t want politics in their sports. They want to take a break from real life and watch their favorite players perform. We want to take a break from reality and just be entertained. It’s that simple.

You are not guaranteed the right to protest on someone else’s time or product.

Washington Post writer Max J. Rosenthal thinks Americans should skip the National Anthem altogether. “Just a reminder that if we stopped playing the anthem before sporting events, we wouldn’t ever have to argue about this again.”

Here’s a reminder. If you leave the country you’ll never have to worry about it again.

We honor all of our fallen heroes this Memorial Day Weekend. Thank you. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave because of these great individuals. Who needs a football?