To Bee or not to Bee?

That seems to be the question on peoples minds today. If you’ve been living in a cave you may not know what I’m referring to.

Roseanne Barr took to her Twitter account and said some not so nice things about Valerie Jarrett. We think.

The tweet said. “The love child of The Muslim Brotherhood and The Planet of the Apes=vj”.

Who’s VJ? Van Jones? Valerie Jarrett?

Was the tweet in good taste? No.

Is it offensive? Maybe.

Is it racists? You decide.

We have been taught in public school science classes that we all came about due to Evolution. You know, that we descended from apes. This is what the left believes in. So should they be upset that Roseanne Barr compared Valerie Jarrett to an Ape? It’s the very science they champion.

Now let’s look at the other side of the story. Enter stage left Samantha Bee.

She went on to her “Full Frontal” television show on TBS and called Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt”.

Was the statement made in good taste? No

Is it offensive? Yes

Is it sexists? Yes

As we compare the two I really don’t see much difference but the liberals sure do.

Roseanne was fired immediately after she made the tweet.

Samantha was given an award for helping to “shape society”.

It’s the world we find ourselves in. Conservatives or people who support President Trump will immediately have their voice shutdown if the left disagrees. Liberals will be cheered on an awarded for their behavior.

The hypocrisy is incredible. The left will tell you that there is no comparison between vulgarity and racism.

Of course they are wrong.

So what is the answer? Do we continue to turn the other cheek as good conservatives or is it time to stand up and fight the liberal takeover of America.

Only you can decide that.