Patriot Mobile is the latest company to join forces with The Conservative Cartel as their latest premier sponsor.

Patriot Mobile is an “MVNO” (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) cell phone company that offers nationwide cellular service on the Sprint network.  They buy talk/text/data at wholesale and resell at retail directly to consumers.  Their focus is on sales/marketing, customer service, billings, device acquisition and fulfillment. We don’t own towers or networks.

Patriot Mobile is a conservative alternative to the big carriers, who donate millions of dollars to liberal causes.  They believe that they should minimize the funding that goes toward Big Mobile companies (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint) because Big Mobile companies donate staggering amounts toward left-wing causes and they are doing everything they can to erode conservative American values.

Patriot Mobile takes action and donates a portion of each of its member’s bill to our conservative affiliated organizations (up to 5%), while providing great, reliable cell phone coverage, and excellent member service support.

Patriot Mobile is a permanent political action platform for conservative Americans; we deliver an essential service and will in the future earn exceptional profits.

Affiliate Causes

      • American Family Association
      • Americans For Prosperity
      • Tea Party Patriots
      • 2ndVote
      • Concerned Veterans for America
      • Empower Texans
      • Faith and Freedom Coalition
      • Family Research Council Action
      • FreedomWorks
      • Gun Owners of America
      • Heritage Foundation
      • Independent Women’s Forum
      • National Rifle Association
      • Prager University
      • PTSD Foundation of America – Camp Hope
      • Students For Life
      • Susan B. Anthony List


About Patriot Mobile

In 2012, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West lost a close Congressional race. As a result, Florida’s 18th Congressional District flipped from a stalwart, conservative Republican to a progressive, liberal Democrat.

Political consultant Chris Wilson worked closely with Colonel West on the campaign and investigated why West lost. He concluded that a hard-left political group from San Francisco called CREDO Mobile decisively influenced the race and caused West to lose.

CREDO offers cell phones to politically progressive consumers. They donate part of their revenue to undermining American values, advancing a radical agenda of gender politics and abortion, and promoting socialist ideas. Chris Wilson founded Patriot Mobile to fight for the free market, God, the right to keep and bear arms, and the right to raise a family in freedom. Already growing rapidly, we plan on becoming one of the most influential voices for conservative values in the United States.