The Conservative Cartel welcomes our new friends from TAPtical. These guys are the REAL DEAL. As a veteran myself, I know what it’s like to have that camaraderie and to know who you can consider REAL family. The Conservative Cartel is honored to welcome TAPtical to the Cartel Family. Be sure to check out their site and awesome products!

In 2017, two guys that served our great nation talked about experiences while serving and a future after the Army. They talked about life and working, eventually realizing that many of their fun times revolved around backyard barbecues, around Warfighters and both men and women that became their family. In 2018, TAPtical was founded on those same principles and camaraderie that we shared as Warfighters for the greatest nation on this planet. Veteran owned and operated, some of our products are even made by hand, courtesy of the Veterans that operate the company. The founders share a mix of conventional and unconventional Army backgrounds, but all share in the vision statement: The better we do, the more we can give back to our community.  TAPtical pledges 10% of every order to a Veteran Organization, this is typically put into an account until a significant amount can be contributed to charity.

This sense of community is what TAPtical truly hopes to foster through our products. Once you’ve served you will forever be family and know that someone truly has your six in times of need. Aside from selling products, the loftier goal is to get back to that sense of community, regardless of differences, because we know what it is like to endure hardships together with no attention paid to race, religion, creed, or any other factor. Use our products to start a conversation, share a drink, make a friend, or to toast a long time sister or brother. This, friends, is how we fight “22 a day”.

TAPtical produces custom designed, military inspired gifts for the discerning drink enthusiast. Our understanding based on experience as Army light fighters provide us the opportunity to provide you a new level of tacticool. Feel free to request the designs you see in the pictures or to request a custom design. Our products are perfect for Retirement, PCS, ETS, or as a nice gift for those Veterans and Patriots in your life.

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Instagram: asktaptical