Fort Worth, Texas – September 28, 2017 – Pinnacle Broadcast Holdings, Inc dba The Conservative Cartel signs with TheBlaze Radio Network (

The Conservative Cartel is honored to announce that it has signed a deal with TheBlaze, Inc. to distribute its talk radio program, The Conservative Cartel with Matt Locke and Chris X on TheBlaze Radio Network beginning October, 7, 2017.  The Conservative Cartel show will broadcast live on Saturday mornings from 9:00am to 12:00pm ET.  Co-hosts Matt Locke and Chris X along with their executive producer and show owner Ron Phillips, will give TheBlaze Radio Network listeners a full-throttle show and will share their thoughts and opinions regarding the political landscape of this great country.


TheBlaze Radio Network is a conservative libertarian American radio network produced by TheBlaze. It can currently be heard via an Internet Stream on, Android/iOS apps, on iHeartRadio website and app, Amazon Echo and Roku.

ABOUT THE CONSERVATIVE CARTEL (Pinnacle Broadcast Holdings, Inc.)

Founded in 2012, by Ron Phillips, Pinnacle Broadcast Holdings, Inc., owner and producer of The Conservative Cartel, is a broadcast company specializing in conservative talk.  In early 2016, The Conservative Cartel was born when two of the best talk show hosts in the country decided to team up and vent their frustrations about the current state of this country and its leaders. Matt Locke and Chris X feel the left is out for themselves and the right has sold us out. “Our leadership has let down the American people, and the people need to know.” Since then, Matt and Chris X have appeared on each other’s shows many times and combined make one of the strongest teams on radio. Tune in to hear two of the nation’s hottest conservative talk show hosts, Matt Locke and Chris X, as they sit down and fire up their microphones for an off the cuff, no notes, no script breakdown of everything that is relevant. Sometimes it is serious, sometimes they lose their cool, and sometimes it’s down right funny, but no matter what it is informed discussion by two patriots!