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The Cartel Adds New Sponsor – Clay Clips

The Cartel Adds New Sponsor – Clay Clips

The Conservative Cartel is proud to announce a new partnership with our latest sponsor, Clay Clips, out of Glendale, Arizona.

Clay Clips are a stainless steel spring tension wire designed for rifle and pistol shooters. Clay Clips attach to a clay pigeon and are then punched into a vertical cardboard target backer board. Clay targets can be arranged in any configuration. When you shoot the top clays, the bottom ones don’t get knocked off. When the target is shot away, the Clay Clip stays in the cardboard, and you can reload it.

Find Clay Clips at there website: or call them at (520) 369-2547.

About The Author

Ron Phillips

Ron, known as “Producer Ron” on the show, is The Conservative Cartel’s Owner and Executive Producer. He resides in Fort Worth, TX where he was born and has lived most of his life. He is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force. Ron has produced several conservative talk shows through is company, Pinnacle Broadcast Holdings, Inc. He is also an accomplished voice over artist having provided VO services to audiobook publishers, animated sales brochures and various other commercial, documentary and narration-based organizations.

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  1. I just came upon your program today…and loved what i heard.
    I’d like to “follow” y’all…but there is no “follow” or “like” for your program.
    How do i go about finding the program whenever it’s on?

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