The Patriot Mobile Mission


Patriot Mobile is a nationwide cell phone company that empowers conservatives to support their values and oppose the liberal agenda while receiving excellent coverage, service and prices.

Does your hard-earned money fight to protect your American values?

In 2012, a phone company based out of San Francisco, California redefined political engagement, spending millions of dollars to defeat five Conservative congressmen, including leading national voices Allen West and Joe Walsh. This wake-up call highlighted the need for a Conservative response, and fast!

The issue is that too many cellphone companies out there today use their profits to help fund those who are doing everything they can to see our conservative America fail. Each dollar spent with these companies is a dollar that could have been spent protecting what matters most!

Here at Patriot Mobile, we believe that everyone should have the right to dictate how their hard earned money is spent. Every dollar that comes through Patriot Mobile goes on to help fund an American organization focused on principles such as family values, honoring our veterans, or helping out first responders, up to 5%.