I have watched as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all of the social media platforms have been shutting down conservative voices. Who can forget Diamond and Silk going to Capitol Hill to talk about the censorship that the Social Media platforms have applied to their conservative audiences. We all love visiting with friends or watching the crazy cat videos on our social media pages but have become increasingly frustrated as we try to find accurate conservative news. This is a big problem for people who use Facebook or Twitter as their only source of information.

The conservative universe has smartly used the social media platforms to help grow their reader base. You can find companies like Breitbart, The Hill, Western Journalism, Fox News and many other conservative outlets on social media. On the flip side you can also find liberal outlets such as The Huff Post, Vox, CNN and Mother Jones to name a few. This is not a bad thing. America is built on competition. Varying viewpoints are a good thing in a critical thinking society. The problem however is that society has become lazy. Critical thinking is a thing of the past and people are ready and willing to digest the first story that they read. Most times people don’t even read the article at all. Most times it’s just the headline. Being a journalist myself I know how these big media companies work. More times than not the headlines have very little to do with the body of the story. Editors normally come in behind the author and give it a headline that will attract readers. Clicks are now a valuable currency in the journalism market.

The problem with all of this is that Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media platform you prefer can rank content based on what they want you to see. Does that sound like critical thinking to you? Sounds like brainwashing to me. The government has been doing this to us for quite some time now. It started with 16 ounce sugary drinks in New York City and has led to the government takeover of the health insurance system. When you are not in charge of your life you are held hostage by the entity that is.

In this case it’s the social media platforms. I spoke about this on a show last week. Fox News is beating the pants off of CNN on traditional cable outlets. Fox News’ lowest ranked show is still better than CNN’s best show. Fox News pulls in around 2.5 million viewers to CNN’s 850,000. It’s not even close. Unless you’re on Facebook. CNN’s number of viewers is up 30% year over year. Fox News’ numbers are down 15%. Why do you think this is? Is CNN that much more popular online or are they getting help? I think you know the answer.

The Conservative Cartel has taken steps to leave these social media platforms. We have struggled and dealt with the censorship for the past two years. We have watched as our reach has decreased and our message has been silenced. It has taken us quite awhile to get to this point but we have finally arrived. If conservatives want their voices to be heard they have to created their own platform which we did.

If you go to our website you will be able to listen to our three hour daily show for free. Click the listen now button and you’re all set. If you would like to view the live video things have changed. Unfortunately it cost money to support this platform. It does get us away from Facebook and allows us to talk about the messages we want to express. We would love for you to join us for exclusive content and the daily show. Click on Listen Live Now. For just $5 a month or $50 a year you will get unfiltered conservative talk with an America first message. We humbly ask for your help. We need you to tell all of your friends and family where to find us. We appreciate that you have become part of the Cartel family and we would love for you to help us grow our reach.

We have battled social media for quite some time. Now we’re just going to battle the left with your help.

Please do me a favor and share this with your friends. We greatly appreciate it. Great things are coming and we are excited to bring them to you.

In freedom,