The Conservative Cartel is honored to consider our friends at Freedom Hard part of the Cartel family. It’s not just about radio shows and show hosts, folks. Freedom Hard stands for everything we believe in also… God, Guns, America, Liberty and, of course, Freedom.

Freedom Hard, Inc. was founded in 2017, Veteran-owned and Veteran-operated, based out of Texas. The Mission is to use humor as a platform to display patriotism and their tagline is “It’s not if you freedom but how hard.” The Vision: A never ending ripple of positivity and patriotism. When people see the brand, it triggers positive thoughts in their mind, a smile on their face and pride in their heart. Freedom Hard.

Freedom Hard is a unique brand that focuses attention on love, support, and defense of one’s country. The most wonderful thing about the Freedom Hard Vision? It can be applied the world over, no matter the country an individual calls home.

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