Illinois public school, La Harpe Elementary found itself in a conflicting position when not only its principal was promoting Christianity but also when an anonymous Christian was distributing bibles on the school property. Principal Lila Mckeown was vocal about her religious beliefs by rightfully acknowledging “Easter Break” as what it really is, a Christian religious holiday. Mckeown’s actions came to the attention of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).

The group found two problems with the elementary school. The first was Principal Mckeown’s display of religion through her letters to teachers and acknowledgment of  Christianity and the second was the stranger that broke the law by providing bibles on a road owned by the school, therefore public property. FFRF approached the school of their findings, forcing the elementary to ensure the principal would not be allowed to display her beliefs. La Harpe also sent a cease and desist letter to the stranger, notifying them that if they or anyone else comes onto the property to distribute bibles they will be arrested. No one was harmed by Mckeown sharing her faith or by a child receiving a bible.

It is very disturbing to see an elementary school troubled with such a  trivial problem as someone sharing their religious beliefs in a country where we have the freedom to share our faith and worship freely. Separation of church and state is very useful and important if you’re not a person of faith. If you’re a Christian you can easily be attacked and ridiculed for your beliefs.

Principal Mckeown was not forcing her faith upon anyone or being biased towards people who disagreed, instead she shared biblical truths of the holiday. Along with the freedom of speech and religion that was clearly stolen from Mckeown, a Christian with the simple intention of giving children bibles was forced to stop or be arrested. The Bible is a history book after all, so therefore the school should allow them to have the Bible to study.

Liberals have become offended by any act a Christian might do to bring others to faith. They have lost sight of everything they stand for by being intolerant. In both of these situations no one was offended until the FFRF came in identifying a nonexistent problem. The laws were rightfully upheld and followed but next time, unless someone is negatively affected, let the preacher preach to those who will listen.