55 gallons.

That sounds like a lot, right?

It just depends on your perspective.

55 gallons of butter, a lot. 55 gallons of fuel maybe not a lot.

55 gallons of water per person, not a lot.

California in its infinite wisdom just passed a bill that will make the average citizen conserve water. “Make” being the key word. The politicians call it water-efficiency standards.

As most of you are aware, California has a water problem. Drought has severely affected the state. Farmers and businesses are paying handsomely for the vital commodity.

An average 8 minute shower uses 17 gallons of water. A load of laundry 40 gallons. Run your dishwasher 6 gallons. It doesn’t take long to use 55 gallons. If you think that is bad the state wants to take that number down to 50 gallons by 2030.

To add injury to insult, California will fine you for capturing rain water. Rain water. The liquid that falls from the sky and replenishes the water table. What nature uses to water plants. I know this may seem elementary but California has taken idiocy to a new level.

California will fine any water district that doesn’t comply $10,000 a day. That number seems quite extreme. I have an idea. Let’s fine politicians $10,000 a day for everyday that they use too much water.

Don’t hold your breath.